25 Oct 1999
It's on fire tonight!

If I don't have sex by the end of the week, I'm going to die
If I don't feel a pair of soft lips on my own, oh, I'm going to hang my head and cry.
If I don't feel warm breath on the nape of my neck or feel a nice post-coital sigh
C'mon baby, you can tell the cops why…

And you don't know the ice cold vice that grips my head
And you don't know the burning I feel when I try to get out of bed
And you don't know how these urges can be so very very misread
C'mon baby, was it something I said?

When it's there inside you day or night you know it's girl o'clock
I don't know, but I've been told it's so, you know it's good as gold
you know it's tick tock ya don't stop

If I don't have a nervous breakdown by the end of the week
I'm going to be very surprised